Espuma Duo Premium Car Shampoo and Wax 2.5 litres car care products
Espuma Duo Premium Car...

Espuma Duo Premium Car...


Espuma Duo Car Shampoo with Wax

Super Concentrated
Premium Quality
Dilute- 20ml-1ltr water


Espuma Duo Car Shampoo and Wax is a premium quality paint conditioner for manual vehicle washing leaving a high gloss streak free finish. With frequent washing the quality of the shine and appearance of the paint will improve and the shine will increase.
Espuma Duo Car Shampoo and Wax comes in a 2.5 litre container.

Application- Mix 20ml of Espuma Duo for 1 litre of warm water for manual hand washing in a bucket to product a long lasting rich foam, apply to vehicle, rinse with clean cold water at a high pressure. For best results dry with a towel or drying cloth. Do not allow to dry out on vehicle.


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