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About Espuma

Espuma Cleaner Solutions Ltd is a professional dynamic cleaning chemical supplier offering innovative car care products and supplies to wide and varied industrial sectors throughout the UK predominantly for the automotive car cleaning and transport industry.

Espuma Cleaner Solutions Ltd has a chemical range built upon over 25 year’s experience in the specialised chemical and specialised coatings industry; our chemicals and equipment have been carefully selected to give uncompromised performance in today's highly competitive car care products market.

Espuma Cleaner Solutions Ltd welcomes the opportunity to supply small, medium or large organisations; we have the capabilities to supply reliable cleaning chemicals and equipment for all your vehicle cleaning products, from lorry or truck cleaners, car valeting products, car care products, car cleaning, workshop consumables and detailing vehicle enhancement products.

Industrial Sectors

  • Bodyshop & Repair
  • Bus, Coach & PSV Cleaning
  • Carwash & Forecourt
  • Commercial Vehicle Cleaning
  • Engineering
  • Valeting/Detailing
  • Plant Hire & Construction Industry
  • Franchised Dealerships
  • Used Car Dealers & Vehicle Rental
  • Vehicle Service & Maintenance
  • Haulage, Agriculture & Farming

Product Categories

  • Interior & Exterior Dressing
  • Washing & Polishing
  • Tyres & Wheels
  • Aerosols
  • Workshop & Maintenance
  • Accessories
  • Disposable Gloves
  • Sprayers & Brushes
  • Wash Mitts & Leathers
  • Microfiber Cloths & Applicators

Research & Development

All Espuma products are developed by an enthusiastic team of specialists who work closely with raw material suppliers to give cutting edge formulations for the automotive and transport industry sectors across the UK. Espuma ensures that our products are developed and tested for optimum performance and product compatibility, on all existing and emerging automotive materials. We are committed to ensuring product quality and high levels of customer service for each and every one of one of our customers.

National Accounts

Espuma offers a cost effective single product pricing for national accounts customers, one price to many locations and has the capability to deliver nationwide. Ideal for car rental companies, transport and haulage companies, franchised dealers, bus and coach operators and petrol station forecourt owners.


Espuma products are mainly sold through distributors we are always looking for new distributors who can see the benefit of selling the Espuma brand to add another revenue stream to their already existing business and more importantly profit. Contact us direct to find out how we can help you.