Espuma Hyper Wax Rinse Aid and Wax finish treatment car care products
Espuma Hyper Wax Rinse...

Espuma Hyper Wax Rinse...


Hyper Wax is a final stage wax and rinse aid treatment.

Easy to use
Instant Shine
Mirror Glaze


Espuma Hyper Wax is a final stage wax and rinse aid treatment. After washing the vehicle Hyper Wax can be used which will help displace water and provide an effortless high gloss shine finish. This high shine finish will increase with frequent washing. For best results dry paint work off after application with a drying cloth.

  • Spray on shine
  • Instant shine
  • No effort needed
  • No hard rubbing or polishing needed
  • Fantastic results

Application - Highly concentrated so dilute 200 parts water to 1 part Hyper Wax, apply diluted solution through a pressure washer or low pressure hand sprayer, and allow water to bead off surface of vehicle. For best results rinse off with clean cold water, then towel or leather dry.

Our experience has helped us develop this versatile instant way to give your vehicle a brilliant shine with virtually no effort at all, ideal for the time conscious individuals who demand instant results. Get that "Just Waxed" look in minutes, every time you wash your car No hard rubbing or polishing, just an instant mirror glaze that lasts for weeks. Use on paintwork, wheels and bumpers.