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Espuma Sparkle TFR 200lts

Espuma Sparkle TFR 200lts


Espuma Sparkle Non Caustic TFR

Non Caustic
With wax aid


Sparkle TFR traffic film remover offers terrific value & exceptional performance across a wide variety of applications including Commercial & Automotive Vehicles and can also be used for cleaning off road equipment. Agricultural,Horticultural machinery and motorbikes, classic or vintage vehicles due to its non caustic formulation with added wax.

  • Biodegradable
  • Caustic Free
  • Added wax

Many of the contaminants in traffic film are not water soluble – this means that no matter how much rain or general washing the vehicle is subject too, only the water soluble elements will be removed. Resistance to water is increased when the contaminants cure to the vehicle paintwork though UV rays from the sun, heating up the paintwork, creating a ‘baked on’ effect. Finally, due to the nature of the contaminants being positively charged particles and the vehicle bodywork being negatively charged, a magnetic bond is created between both surfaces creating a ‘shield’ impenetrable from water and any other standard cleaning solutions.

Espuma Sparkle TFR traffic film remover uses a type of chemical known as an sequestrate. This chemical actively removes any metallic particles - creating a small number of microscopic holes to allow further compounds in the TFR to penetrate the traffic film.

Espuma TFR's contain-

  • Water softeners – these prevent water hardness interfering with the traffic film removal process. Hard water often contains metallic elements such as calcium and magnesium
  • Emulsifiers – great for removing grease and other oily residues
  • Alkaline components – these can include caustic materials, silicates and amines, which break down any other stubborn soiling
  • Corrosion inhibiters – these protect both the vehicle and pressure washer from oxidization effects